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Main Conference Class #7
Learn the Art of Nuno Felting (F)
Friday, Aug 2
9:00 - 4:30 pm

Nuno felting is a unique technique in which wool fiber is felted through a woven fabric producing a gossamer, lightweight felt. Alena will bring the margilan silk gauze base onto which you will add various fine wools (19 micron), thick and thin yarns, a variety of other fibers including silk fabric decorations to create your one of a kind scarf. You will be using electric sanders for felting so bring earplugs! Each
student will complete one distinctive scarf.

Level: All
Material fee: $15

Instructor: Alena Larson

Born in Ukraine, Alena discovered knitting and crafting at the age of 12 and at 21 was sewing her own clothes when she moved to Belarus. In 2007, she immigrated to the US and became a citizen in 2022! She started wet felting in 2013 after discovering Uniquely Felt by Christine White. Later she began eco-printing with plants from her garden. Alena has taken many internet classes from around the world and has shown her wearable art in Southwest Montana.

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