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Online/ Distance Education

Textiles & TeaTuesdays - 4pm EST/2pm MST. Each week HGA will host a conversation with some of the most respected fiber artists in the field today. In our 45-minute discussion we will focus on their artwork and their creative journey. We will allow 15 minutes at the end of our conversation for questions from the audience. Textiles & Tea will take place every Tuesday at 4:00 PM (EST) beginning in January 2021 and will be broadcast via Zoom.

Clothroads Textile Videos: Any day/ Any time.

ClothRoads Top Picks for Textile Videos

We’ve lined up some textile videos for inspiration and information in the form of video clips, documentaries and images to transport us in time and place. While some of these may be textile eye-candy, others are very relevant to healing ourselves, our communities, and our world. There is no better time or reason to renew our commitment to what we create with our hands and/or support those who do.

Eweave Online:  Introductory courses are free. Illustrated step-by-step courses to develop your design skills with Fiberworks and/or Photoshop Elements may be repeated whenever and wherever you want! Instructor: Margaret Coe. There are both LIVE courses and Video Instruction options available.

Warp and Weave:

I help weavers like you make sense out of color.

I know you’re SO OVER projects not turning out as you expected. You’re done with unpredictable color mixes, patterns that are blurry or indistinct, and results that come out ‘only okay’ (or worse, like mud).

Instead, you’re looking for a rules-based perspective - an understanding of color that you can analyze and make sense of. You want to grasp the underlying principles of color and apply them to your complex craft.

Above all - you want your projects to turn out exactly the way you imagined them. And when others view your work, you want it to reflect the time, effort, and materials you put in.

You want to become confident with color & design. Instructor - Tien Chiu. There are both LIVE courses and Video Instruction options available.

Jane Stafford Online Guild: Monthly fee is $9.99 or $99.99 for a year membership. As an experienced handweaver or a beginner, join us as we weave a path to excellence with Jane Stafford exploring cloth through graphic, colour and weave structures. You’ll also learn all the fundamentals of handweaving techniques including how to design & create a warp, dress your loom and all the best weaving practices. You will have instant access to: • Over 40 weaving lessons • Hundreds of hours of videos • New lesson every 5 weeks • Pattern drafts with the lessons • For weavers of all levels

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