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Norwood 862 Cranbrook Countermarche weaving loom. 8 shaft, 62” weaving width, 10 dent reed. Includes loom bench, suspended tool shelf, extra warp assembly, 3’ sectional warp beam attachment, spool rack and tensioner. Bozeman, Montana. $5,000 OBO. Email if interested.

Norwood loom.jpg
  • Beautiful Fireside custom loom, 60", solid cherry wood,
    purchased in Port Townsend WA directly from the maker;
    one owner, Bozeman, MT. 

  • 8 shafts, 12 treadles

  • Sliding bench included

  • Also includes:         

                      3 reeds: 6, 10, and 12 dent

                      Warping board

                      Various shuttles and weaving accessories

                      Shelf attachment


           Questions?  Contact Carol Roehm -- 406-581-1551

           To see loom, contact Dick Roehm -- 406-581-3600

Carol R 1.jpg

Oak 8-Shaft Fireside Floor Loom

Beautiful OAK Fireside floor loom with a low profile. This loom has a 40" weaving width with 8 shafts and 10 treadles. The beam is reversible so you can use it either as a regular warp beam or as a sectional beam. The breast beam and beater are removable for easy threading. The back beam folds up for better storage. Sold with a 12-dent reed, metal heddles, lease sticks and Leclerq closed bottom shuttle. Available for pickup in Cody, WY. $1,900. Email if interested. 

Fireside 8-shaft side view.jpg
Fireside 8-shaft front view.jpg
  • Gently used 

  • 2006 Standard Glimakra loom

  • Vertical countermarch 

  • 10 shafts, 10 treadles

  • 47” weaving width

  • One owner

  • Includes:         

         2 reeds: 10 and 12 dent

         Original manual

         Additional heddles


           $3000. OBO

Located in Wilsall (between Livingston and White Sulphur Springs).  I can help disassemble.  Loom fits into a van-type vehicle.


Questions?  Interested?  Need more information?

Contact Sarah Pilgrim

sarah Pilgram Glimakra.png

Heading 2

FOR SALE: Schacht Wolf Pup LT, 4H 6T; new in 2018


  12-dent stainless steel reed

  lease sticks

  500 Schacht inserted-eye heddles

  High Castle Tray

  $1500, cash

  Pick up in Bozeman, MT

Contact:  Anita Krueger

Schacht Wolf Pup Loom.jpg


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