Regional Workshops

Hi all,
I am Vice President of Alpine Weavers and Spinners Guild. We have an opportunity to have a Zoom presentation from Lynda Teller Pete which I wanted to extend to MAWS.

Lynda is considered one of the premier Navajo rug weavers.  She grew up with weaving and creativity as a way of life and weaving lessons were mandatory.  She won her first award at the age of 12 at the Gallup InterTribal Ceremony.  

She teaches and has written several books including How to Weave a Navajo Rug and Other Lessons from Spider Woman.
Lynda appeared in PBS's Craft In America Teachers episode.

We would like a minimum of 20 participants so we can keep the cost down. The price for MAWS members is $12.50. No date has been set upon yet. This post is to find out interest.

She would talk about her family's Navajo weaving, Navajo culture, the history of Navajo weaving, and what her family is doing to keep or reconnect Navajos with their linkages to their family's weaving history and practice.

If you think this is something that would interest you, please respond by Jan. 22.  If there is enough interest I will contact Lynda  to find potential dates. I would like to schedule it the third Weds. of February if all goes well. This most likely would be a daytime program.
You can reach me at