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Post Conference Class #26
One Warp, Many Structures: Exploration in Weaving Extended
Parallel Threadings (W)
Sunday, Aug 4 -- 1:30 - 4:30 pm
Monday, Aug 5 -- 9:00 - 4:30 pm
Tuesday, Aug 6 -- 9:00 - 4:30

This 2.5 day post-conference workshop is designed for advanced beginning weavers and beyond.
Participants will arrive at class with a loom dressed in a two-color warp threaded on opposites.
Drafts for the class will be provided about 6 weeks prior to the conference. Working with a variety
of tie-ups and treadlings, students will weave a series of designs in Echo, Jin (Turned Taqueté),
Shadow Weave, Rep and Double Weave. The takeaway is a sampler of colorful patterns and a
broader, deeper understanding of the potential of extended parallel threadings and how to design
them. For 4-shaft to 32-shaft looms. As Marian Stubenitsky has shown in Weaving with Echo and
Iris, extended parallel threadings offer endless possibilities. A pre-warped loom is required.

Level: Intermediate to advanced, although adventurous advanced beginners are welcome.
Material fee: $25

Instructor: Denise Kovnat

Denise Kovnat.jpg

A weaver since 1998, Denise Kovnat lives in Rochester, NY, and has taught at conferences
and guilds across the US, Canada, and Australia with a focus on parallel threadings, collapse
techniques, painted warps, and deflected double weave. Her hand-dyed and handwoven
garments have been juried into Convergence fashion shows since 2008 and have won
awards from Complexity (Complex Weavers) and many others. She is the author of a new
book, Weaving Outside the Box.

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