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Post Conference Class #25
Spinning a Sound Single (S)
Sunday, Aug 4
1:30 - 4:30 pm

A singles yarn is, by its very nature, unbalanced. Twist is typically added to these yarns in one direction, but it is never balanced with plying. Why spin a singles yarn? Singles can provide unique color blending possibilities, add interesting texture options, and maximize our spinning time. Yes, singles yarns can have drawbacks, such as decreased durability, over-twist, and reduced loft but by better understanding twist, learning new techniques, and with no-fuss sampling, we can learn to spin useful, beautiful, sound singles yarns. Sounds…great! Participants are required to bring several spindles, or a spinning wheel in working condition, and spinning accessories.

Level: Ability to spin and ply a basic yarn
Material fee: $10

Instructor: Kate Larson

Kate Larson.jpg

Kate Larson is the editor of Spin Off magazine. She contends that the fiber arts are the
bridge between her passions for art and agriculture. She shepherds a flock of Border
Leicester sheep in Indiana and teaches handspinning and knitting throughout the United
States. Kate is the author of The Practical Spinner's Guide: Wool (Interweave, 2015) and
several videos, including How to Spin Yarn to Knit (Interweave, 2016).

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