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Main Conference Class #22
Fiber Preparation and Drafting Techniques (S)
Saturday, Aug 3
9:00 - 12:00 pm

Learning to control your fiber is an important next step in creating and spinning better and more consistent handspun yarn. Using hand combs, dog combs, carders, and flickers, learn different fiber preparation techniques and how to spin the fiber produced from those processes. Bring any small hand fiber preparation equipment you have. Some will also be available to borrow.

Level: All levels of spinner
Material fee: $5

Instructor: Denise Jackson

Denise Jackson.jpg

Denise Jackson is a fifth-generation spinner and weaver from Great Falls, MT. She is a certified
fiber arts judge and has worked with the NWRSA on setting MT fiber arts judging standards.
Denise completed her master’s degree in communications and leadership with the goal of
becoming a better teacher and judge. Denise teaches nalbinding, lace knitting, Shetland hap
shawls, socks, all levels of spinning, fleece judging, project planning and more. She has published several articles in Spin-Off magazine. 

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