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Main Conference Class #11
Learn a Mesolithic Skill: Make Cordage from Foraged Fiber (O)
Friday, Aug 2
9:00 - 12:00 pm

Using foraged local materials learn to create the strong cords that primitive peoples used for trapping, making fishing, nets, and clothing. The instructor will provide local plant materials which include dogbane, yucca, and milkweed. Water containers and several set of pliers for crushing the stalks will be provided. Students should bring a large towel and pliers. Mesolithic life can be a bit messy so be prepared!

Level: All
Material fee: $15

Instructor: Bob Garritson

Bob Garritson.jpg

Born and raised in Billings, Bob Garritson has degrees in Soil Science, Biology, and Education.
After working in several careers, he retired as Director of Development of the Custer
Battlefield Museum. For most of his life he has studied and replicated the survival skills of
Mesolithic peoples (who lived in the middle part of the stone age between the Paleolithic and
Neolithic). For the past 35 years he has presented these skills in a program for schools,
museums, and various groups. One of these skills is the making of cordage from natural
plants and animals.

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