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Pre Conference Class #1
Beginning Weaving on a 4 Shaft Loom (W)
Thursday, Aug 1
10:00 - 4:00 pm

In a small group setting and with pre-wound warps provided, JoAnne will help take the first steps on your weaving journey in this pre-conference class. She will cover all the basics: winding and threading a warp, beaming, tying on and tying up and beginning to weave. She will also cover how to plan a warp. Three-yard cotton warps will be provided for participants in addition to the weft yarns. Some looms will be provided but students are encouraged to bring a 4 shaft working loom of their own. Students will need a notebook, pencils, scissors, masking tape, and the lease sticks for their loom. In addition, if students wish, this warp threading will allow them to participate in an additional in-conference class taught by JoAnne called Five Threadings/Ten Treadlings.

Level: Beginners welcome
Material fee: $10

Instructor: JoAnne Setzer

JoAnne started weaving in the 1980’s. After 20 years she fulfilled her dream to build a weaving barn, and she started offering weaving classes. Her weekly classes encourage all levels of weavers and allow students to go in any direction they choose with the craft. Consequently, each student is doing something different on the 20+ looms setup in the studio barn. Just imagine it! JoAnne has given workshops for MAWS and other guilds in crackle, beginning weaving, color and weave, kumihimo, inkle, pattern making for clothing, and 10 ways to treadle one threading. Some of these classes include 6 and 8 shafts, but most are for 4 shafts. Her current projects include tapestry, saori, weaving with handspan yarns and double weave on 4 shafts. JoAnne is constantly exploring new ideas with her ever creative and inventive mind. JoAnne is also a MAWS Living Treasure.

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