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Pre Conference Class #2
Introduction to Spinning with a Wheel (S)
2 sections
Thursday, Aug 1
10:00 - 4:00 pm

Are you interested in learning to spin your own yarn on a spinning wheel? Spinning wheels are so elegant and versatile! Join the fun in this 6-hour pre-conference workshop designed especially for beginners. Sylvia will introduce you to the joy of spinning on a spinning wheel and stand by you as you develop skill. You will learn about the unique characteristics of wool, spinning wheel mechanics, drafting and how to manage your spinning wheel. Sylvia will also cover how to ply yarns and she will suggest finishing techniques. Participants must have a spinning wheel in good working condition. Prairie Handspinners will provide a wheel if needed.

Level: Beginner
Material fee: $10

Instructors: Sylvia Smith and Denise Jackson

Sylvia Smith has been spinning for 30 years and is currently working her way through the
Master Spinner program at Olds College. She’s a member of MAWS, very active in her local
Guild and teaches a variety of classes at a local yarn shop. She is also an occasional contributor
to both Spin Off and PLY magazines. She lives in northwest Montana with her husband and cat,
with one being an enabler of her fiber pursuits while the other is an occasional obstacle.

Denise Jackson is a fifth-generation spinner and weaver from Great Falls, MT. She is a certifiedfiber arts judge and has worked with the NWRSA on setting MT fiber arts judging standards.Denise completed her master’s degree in communications and leadership with the goal ofbecoming a better teacher and judge. Denise teaches nalbinding, lace knitting, Shetland hapshawls, socks, all levels of spinning, fleece judging, project planning and more. She haspublished several articles in Spin-Off magazine.

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