Member Guilds

Contact Information and Standing Meeting Schedule

With Covid19 many Guilds have suspended meetings. Check with Guild before attempting to attend a meeting.

Member Guilds
If your Guild has a website, please forward the link to Sharon Schroeder to be linked below.

Alpine Weavers and Spinners                                        Big Sky Fiber Arts Guild
Kalispell, MT                                                                     Stevensville, MT
Judie Overbeek                                                                Juanita Moore                               

Spinners meet 1st Wednesday 10:30 - 2:00                 Last Saturday

Weavers 2nd Wednesday 10:30 - 2:00

Guild 3rd Wednesday 10:30 - 2:00                                     

Billings Weavers and Spinners                                      Bozeman Weavers Guild
Billings, MT                                                                       Bozeman, MT
Ruth Terry                                                                         Susan Hellier                                                  

3rd Wednesday evening                                                  3rd Saturday

Central Montana Weavers Guild                                    Great Falls Spinners & Weavers
Lewistown, MT                                                                 Great Falls, MT

Susan Lohmuller                                                             3rd Thursday 6:30

Helena Weavers & Spinners Guild                                 Lincoln Fiber Circle 
Helena, MT                                                                        Lincoln, MT

Allison Grove                                                                    Tammy Jordan                                      

                                                                                           2nd Saturday, Sept - May

Missoula Weavers Guild                                                  Prairie Handspinners Guild                     Missoula, MT                                                                     Billings, MT           

Sharon Schroeder                                                            Heather Johnson                                              3rd Saturday 1:00 - 3:00                                      

SW Montana Fiber Arts Guild                                          Yellowstone Valley Knitting Guild

Ennis, MT                                                                           Billings, MT

Dawn Ahlert                                                                      4th Tuesday, Rimrock Mall                              

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MAWS 2020 Scholarships

Up to five (5) $175 scholarships will be awarded to MAWS members based on applications submitted to Ann Keenan by January 27. Successful candidates will be notified by February 8, in advance of the conference registration. Follow this link to the application and APPLY NOW!!!!!!

Workshop Grants

A limited number of workshop grants up to $250 are available to member guilds.  However no grants will be awarded during conference years.  Workshop grants can be used to bring an instructor to the host city. Participation in the workshop must be made available to MAWS members state wide, and must be advertised through the MAWS newsletter, or by correspondence with the other MAWS guilds.  Registration date must be specified in the workshop announcement. Local guild members will also be held to that date (no early registrations.)

Requests for funding should contain the following information:

  • Instructor

  • Class to be offered

  • Date, time and place of the workshop

  • Total cost to local guild

  • Maximum number of participants

  • Plan for communicating to MAWS members

  • Beginning registration date

After the workshop is over, the host guild will send the board a written report to include the following:

  • Number of Participants

  • A description of the workshop content

  • What worked and what didn't

  • Photos if possible

  • Anything else that might be useful for future decisions.

The intent is the give future workshop planners some concrete information about the instructor, the class and the success of the workshop.

For more information email MAWS President, Joan Goldstein